2 Basic Truths of Life That You Must Know

1. Life is difficult- Life is, and will always be difficult. Throughout our lives there will be challenges and curveballs thrown at us. We can never know what lies ahead. As I’m sure we have all experienced, we might have a great week, and then the following week have a completely crappy week. One second you are on top of the world and the next you are in the bottom of the barrel. That is what life is; a rollercoaster, full of ups and downs, that in a sense are necessary, because sometimes it takes bad moments, in order to appreciate the good ones. Furthermore, we have to be real, and accept that life its not hassle free, we must accept the challenges that life brings and enjoy the journey with the good and the bad. Even through bad experiences, there will always be a light at the end of the tunnel.

2. The difficulty of life applies to everyone- Yes, everyone, even though you might think that certain people have the perfect life; they actually don’t. Their lives are filled with problems just like yours and mine. We all have problems, problems are not exceptions, they happen to every single person on this earth. However, the scope of the problems and the frequency might be different for each individual person, but believe me, they are there. So don’t beat yourself up thinking others have it better, and stop wishing you had a life like theirs, because sometimes other people could be experiencing problems worse than the ones that you are going through. Ultimately, we all experience life’s problems, failures, and losses.

In conclusion, accept these two facts of life, so you become better equipped to take on the challenges that life will bring you. Know that life is difficult and it’s not fair, but you have to face it head on, in order to grow. Know that with every problem comes an opportunity, and with every opportunity comes a problem. Also, we shouldn’t compare ourselves to others; it is really not productive for us. Lastly, there will never be an easy way through life; there are no shortcuts, we will all struggle, and we will all face a series of problems through our journey. The problems will vary on our journey, but know that they will be there.

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PS- It always nice to hear that my words can inspire someone. I have always said that even if I just inspire one person then this blog is a success.