Waiting Sucks

Yes. Waiting for results to happen or waiting to get certain things, really does suck. We have all suffered of impatience, especially in the world today, where our culture is so caught up and focused on having everything right away. You want that new dress you bought online fast, then just get expedite shipping, you want to listen to that new album or watch that new movie, you can download it in minutes. We are becoming so accustomed to having things instantly that, sadly, we are becoming slaves to the immediate. We want everything now and everything fast. With technology making a lot of this possible, we are forgetting about the things that do take time; it takes time to build a career, it takes time to grow a relationship, it takes time to save money. In reality, the things that are most important in life take time, as well as a lot of hard work, and extreme diligence. A definition of maturity is the ability to delay pleasure. Meaning that you have to be mature enough to prioritize what is more important to you, and say no to other things, that are not really beneficial. People are having a hard time maturing these days, and it is all because they can’t delay pleasure. People act like that 4 year old in the cereal aisle at a super market that throws a fit. Remember the paradox of life; yes life goes by fast, but also remember that life is long. Anything worthwhile will take time. Don’t be so trigger-happy for everything. Analyze your priorities, and really think what is the best thing for you. And most importantly, learn to be patient. I believe you can get anything you want in life if you have a plan, and work day in and day out to get it.

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–James Allen


The only person you will ever have to beat

Today, I am going to retell you a story about a boy that I read. So this boy enters a race, but he had a crippling disease, so the boy had a particularly difficult time completing the race. Every so often the would fall. Every time he fell, he would hurt himself and get bruised. He, however, would get back up and keep going; fall after fall he would keep getting up and continue toward the finish line. The rest of the runners finished way ahead of him, but he kept on going. After all the runners had finished the race, all of them, inspired by the boy’s will, came back and helped him until he finished the race.

Now, what does this story teach us? What’s the moral behind the story? You might guess its something like perseverance or to never give up, right? Well, the underlying and important lesson to learn here is that the boy was not competing against the other runners; the boy was competing against himself. The boy was only trying to beat his previous race time.  You see, when you are not competing against anyone else, everyone wants to help you. When we are not competing against somebody else, that other person is more willing to give you a helping hand, such is the example with the runners, who came back to help the boy finish the race and beat HIS previous time.  The runners came back to help him, only after they had finished the race. This is how we humans work; when we don’t feel threaten or in a competition, we will gladly help the other person. Our culture, sadly, is filled with jealousy and envy. We are always jealous of other people, want to do better than them, and hope things don’t go as well for them. Rather than helping each other, we hold each other back. I believe we can change all that. Like I said, let’s help each other; let’s stop competing against our brother, sister, cousin, friend, neighbor or whoever. Instead of focusing on beating someone else, lets compete and beat ourselves. Lets keep pushing forward and beating our previous accomplishments. Let’s get up every morning and say this day is going to be better than yesterday. Implement this in every aspect of your life, school, family, or work. For example, if you work in sales, don’t say to yourself “I am going to beat so and so,” instead say, “I’m going to beat myself today.”  Beating ourselves should be the driving force.  You see, the thing is, that when we compete against ourselves, we grow. We become better. There is no need to compete against each other if we work to compete against ourselves everyday.  Only then will we win and gradually reach all the goals we want to accomplish.


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Be Honest, Be Humble

I am currently reading Start with Why, by Simon Sinek.  There is a small excerpt in the book that discusses culture and it made me reflect on certain issues, and I decided to share some of the fragment with you. Sinek argues that as a human species, we were able to survive because we were able to form cultures (i.e. a group of people who have the same core values and beliefs). Sinek explains that when we are around people that believe in what we believe, we create trust and this was fundamental for the advancement of our species. Simon further explained that our ancestors in order to perform functional activities like hunting, gathering, and exploring, needed to have trust in the rest of the community. I believe that we can apply the same concept in the present and trust can help us come together. If you believe we, as a culture, can grow for the better, let’s start making some changes. My father always says that anybody can progress with only two things, honesty and humbleness. Unfortunately, a lot of us are arrogant and liars; let’s change that today! We are a culture in which every individual thinks they know everything! We think we are experts at everything, and that we know everything there is to know! Well, unfortunately, we don’t, we are one of the most uneducated cultures! But why don’t we see that? –Because we are arrogant! We are not humble enough to realize there is something that we can learn from every single person. Every person is better than us in at least one way. There are people out there in the world that know something that we don’t, and that is okay. Let’s promote a new way of thinking and become honest and humble; let’s start to learn from each other.  Let’s start to look for the information and stop simply assuming that we know everything. I’m sure we have all heard people speak about a subject and act like as if they got a Ph. D in it, when in fact, the Ph. D they do have is on STUPID. Our culture is always full of opinions and expertise even though we haven’t even done a simple Google search. Let’s make sure we really know what we are talking about before we make comments. Let’s keep on learning… and how do we do that? By READING!! Turn off the TV and stop watching most of the dumb stuff that is on and instead open a book, search something educational online or at least continue to join me in this blog! We are not going to get any smarter or change our life and culture by watching American Idol or Novelas. (i.e. Latino Soap Operas) Just remember that if together we are going to grow as a culture, we have to pass everything on! As I am encouraging you to read, learn, and look for information, you should do the same; let’s encourage someone today so we can start seeing a change in our culture and on the way we think. I want to leave you with a quote that says, “ Rich people have big libraries, Poor people have big T.V.s”

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Recommended Book- Start with Why- By Simon Sinek

School or Work?

School or Work? I’m sure we have all heard that at one point in our lives, and I am also sure that as Hispanics we have also heard from our parents, “te vas a la escuela o a chingarle,” i.e. “either you go to school or you go to work.” This however, should not be the ideals we implement on our children. In order to change our culture, we need to stop the behavior that has been repeated throughout our generations. Most of our parents did not even get the chance to decide between school or work; they unfortunately had to work from a very early age in life to help the family. One of the problems with our culture is that it still puts education as an option, when it should be a must! Other cultures emphasize education as an integral part of one’s life. It is something that must be done; you can’t opt out. In other cultures, education begins to be enforced from the first time children enter school. We, as Hispanics, need to do the same with our own children. We can’t say, “either you go to school or you go to work.” We have to say, it is either you go to school or you go to school. Instead of asking, “Do you want to go to college or are you going to get a job?” We should ask, “Do you want to go to UCLA or USC?” We need to reinforce education from the time our children begin their academics. We need to read to our children, it is one of the best ways we can get them interested in books! We also need to pay special attention to our little girls; we need to teach them that they should be valued by their brains, not their looks. If we start emphasizing the latter, they will grow up thinking that they can easily get through life based on their looks and that they do not need education. I want to share an anecdote of my childhood and my academia. I remember as a little boy I used to come home excited with my report card because I had mostly A’s and some B’s, and I remember that my mom, instead of saying “congratulations,” would say, “how come they’re not all A’s?” You see, for my mom, B’s were not enough. I used to get angry, frustrated, and reproach her by telling her that B’s were not bad!  I felt that because I had a couple of A’s, she should be proud of me! Now, as I have somewhat matured, I am actually so thankful that my mom pushed and challenged me to do better. I’m glad A’s were the standard, and I believe we should all pass the same concept towards our children. A’s should be the standard; education should be a must! As a culture, we are very hard workers, we value hard work and we take pride in it! I’m sure most of our fathers and mothers have worked their butts off through most of their lives! However, I am sure most of them also are not multi millionaires. We need to not only work hard, but also smart. Reason being, is that we might work hard but if we do not work smart, we will not be able to get the results we need or want. Working smart and hard leads to winning! Our culture instead of taking pride on how much over time we work, should take pride on how much time we study and how many hours we read. It is never too late to learn, and we should continue to learn new things until the day we die. In the end, what we all need to do is turn off the T.V. and open a book!

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Culture is our behavior.

I would like to start this blog by defining the word, culture. The Oxford Dictionary defines culture as the ideas, customs, and social behavior of a particular people or society. I think the most important part of this definition is the word “behavior”; our culture IS our behavior. We can all have a certain “culture,” but at the end of the day it is our behavior that defines who we are. This is an idea of particular importance because the way we behave can either break or enforce our culture. Our goal should be to remove the set of ideas we have about our certain/particular culture and change them through our behavior. How many times have you heard people use the excuse “ that’s how our culture is?” or “ that’s how we Hispanics are.” Well, lets change that aspect of our culture! Simply because our culture dictates that we act in a specific manner, does not necessarily mean that we, indeed, should have to behave in that particular way. Culture is not explicit, it is everything we observed and were taught growing up in our households and in our communities. As the definition states: our cultures  are ideas and customs, and it is these ideas and customs that are passed down from generation to generation.  I want to ask you this question, Why do we keep passing down the bad ideas, customs, and behaviors? Our culture can change for the best; as I mentioned before, our culture is not explicit—it is not written in stone! So today, I’m saying, let’s look at the bad things in our culture, change them, and then we can all progress together into the future. I am not saying that we should acculturate to another culture and loose our current identity; I am advocating a needed change that we must all make for our future generations; and yes, advance as a Hispanic culture.