Hispanic and Conservative?

I don’t know if you have heard, but the immigration reform bill has passed the Senate overwhelmingly 68-32. The bill will now go the House of Representatives where many believe will face an uphill battle. A couple of weeks ago, I read this article on the Wall Street Journal about the immigration reform and the GOP. The article mentioned, as we all should know, that socialist Obama defeated Romney because of us (i.e. the Hispanic voter). Obama killed Romney 71% to 27% in the Hispanic vote. This really touched base with the Republicans, so they began re-evaluating their whole party for the sole purpose of becoming more attractive to Hispanic voters. Their strategy during the past campaign with Romney, as I viewed it, was basically,  “we don’t need the Hispanic vote. We can win the White House without them.” Well, as we all witnessed, they couldn’t and they won’t if they continue with that strategy.  With the Demographics shifting in America, the Republicans are going to need us to win back Washington.  The question now becomes, do the Republicans really need an immigration reform to do this? For example, the article mentioned that there are really no guarantees that the Democratic vote will increase with the reform or that the conservative message of the GOP will appeal to us. Furthermore, the article brought up an interesting statistic that only about 50 percent of Hispanics that are eligible to vote, actually vote! And guess what else? Usually, that other 50 percent that does not vote are the political conservatives, which is what I consider myself to be. Me, personally, I don’t want government involvement; this is America— a country that grows on capitalism; eat or be eaten! I thought this statistic was really interesting because, as I mentioned before, I was part of that 50 percent! — Hispanic? Yes. Eligible to vote? Yes. Conservative? Yes. VOTED? NO! It seems to me that if the republicans want to win the next election, they need to focus on finding the Hispanic conservatives, and somehow getting us to vote.

In the article, the question “what is suppressing the Hispanic turnout?” was also asked. In other words, why aren’t we going out to vote on Election Day and getting our “I voted” sticker? The author’s answer: conservative politicians are not addressing the issue we want and care about! Which is CARE FOR THE POOR.  His solution is that the GOP should make a real conservative move at helping the poor and the needy. Of course we want care for the poor, who doesn’t? But I don’t think caring for the poor will entirely solve the voting turnout problem; there are other factors that can explain both the behavior of liberals and conservative Hispanics; factors that have to do with our culture and the crappy governments we have in our countries of origin. For example, Liberal Hispanics do want government programs; where we come from, there is a desperate need for the government to interfere with certain policies that will allow trade and other certain subsidies. However, the government is so messed up in our own countries of origin, that it does absolutely nothing to help. Because of this, it then becomes a love-hate relationship; we love the government one second and we hate it the next. We, however, have to change this mentality; we cannot come here, to the United States, and ask for all this Government help like healthcare, food stamps, and financial aid and expect it all to be simply handed to us! Not only that, but the very next second, we usually turn on the government, try to take advantage, and screw the government any way we can. It doesn’t work!

On the other hand, conservative Hispanics are simpler; and I might just be able to explain why we don’t vote. As mentioned before, we come from countries with a horrible government that does absolutely nothing but screw its own people. In our countries, no matter who we vote for or what they promise, it will always be the same clown running the circus; therefore, we lose interest in voting and decide that if we are going to better our own lives, it will be through our own sweat and hard work! We decide to ignore the government and instead of asking for free stuff, we work hard, get money, and buy what we need ourselves… So my goal is this: I don’t care if we vote democrat or republican, all I want is for our culture to change and stop thinking that the government is here to bail us out. Stop collecting money from government programs that you don’t legitimately need. Lets change our culture and forget about what the government can do for us, but instead think of what we can do for ourselves.

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Immigration Reform 2.0

There is a lot of excitement and hope over the talks of an immigration reform. Senator Rubio, who will apparently be the GOPs’ (i.e. the Republican Party) candidate for precedency in 2016, is surprisingly one of the people who wrote a bill for the new immigration reform. I’m sure we have all seen on Univision, or through any of the other media crap, that a reform is coming, so we are all anxiously waiting for something big to happen. However, from what I know, this reform will be nothing like the last reform from the 1980s, where the United States government basically said, “CLOSE THE BORDER AND SCREW IT, WHO EVER IS HERE ALREADY, IS GETTING PAPERS!” That necessarily was not a very bright idea and in fact, it probably only attracted more immigration into the United States. Furthermore, a lot of the people who were already here were not necessarily ideal candidates for amnesty. I realize that there are many people who benefited from the past reform; people who are in fact contributing to this country, but there are those others who contribute nothing and expect everything. We should be encouraged to stay up to date and watch how all this immigration talk in Washington unfolds. However don’t forget we need to do the research for ourselves and be very skeptical about what the media tell us.


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