The #1 Cause of Divorce

What is the number 1 cause of divorce in a divorce-ridden culture? Money problems. I’m sure for most of you this is not a big shock. However, the divorce rate, which is around 50 percent, is a big problem in America today. You can throw a coin flip every time a couple weds to determine if the marriage will be successful or not. This is statistic can be somewhat scary for all those engaged or soon to be married. In order to have a higher percentage of success for your marriage, a couple must be in complete agreement on how to handle their money. The very first step is to combine the incomes. The priest or pastor says now you are one, therefore you become one, a unit, a team. If one person is sick, the couple is sick, if one person is in debt the couple is in debt. Once married, you must combine your lives and your money. The second step is having a written plan on how that money will be used efficiently for the benefit of the marriage, and all the things that come with it, for example the purchase of a home. Both persons must be on agreement on how the money will be saved and spend. Couples in which only 1 person is the breadwinner must be wary, because the other person might feel an inferiority complex, however, as I said before is no longer “my income” or “your income” it is now “our income,” so even though the other person might not have a salary, they do have an income, and must be included in all the financial discussions. A great start for soon to be married couples is to look for pre-marriage counseling to discuss the topic of money. Since it is the number one cause of divorce; don’t you think is a good idea to be in agreement on money?

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