Sacrifice is hard, but is needed for success. In order to go up we must be willing to give something up. We cannot gain something without giving up something else. Think of everything you accomplished, but also note the things you had to give up to reach your goals. We have all giving up one thing for another; this is how life works, there are trade offs. We can’t have it all, so we must prioritize. We must know what is really important in our lives and sometimes must let go of the things that are not.

2 Quick examples:
A) To GET good grades in college, you must GIVE UP time with your friends and sleep. If you want to party and be really social you will be giving up your GPA.
B) To GET skinny you must GIVE UP bad food, and time in order to exercise.

I think is really hard to sacrifice because we want it all and we want it know. It is so hard for humans to have delayed gratification. There was a study done with little kids, in which they were all handed down 1 marshmallow. The kids were told that if they did not eat the marshmallow in 15 minutes, they would receive a second marshmallow. The results? Two thirds of the kids did not wait the 15 minutes and ate their marshmallow. What is even more interesting is that the lives of these kids were followed into adult hood, and the one-third that waited for the second marshmallow became more successful then their peers. These results tell me a couple of things:

1. The majority of the population will not be successful or simply do not have a strong desire to win
2. We must be able to sacrifice or put something off in order to receive a better reward later. The people, who understand this principle will be successful, have no doubt.

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We must be able to sacrifice or put something off in order to receive a better reward later.


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