ABUNDANT: Is wealth evil?

When I think of the word abundant I picture a glass over flowing, or the ocean waves, which just keep on coming; they are abundant. I believe everybody has to strive to have abundant wealth. Abundant wealth means that you have enough money to take care of you and give away the rest. We have enough to fill our own cup and then our over flow we give it. Sometimes in our culture we think wealth is bad, and that rich people are evil. We think they have done something bad in order to get that wealthy. I like to think of money as certificates of appreciation with president’s faces on them. Meaning that if you have a lot of money you have served a lot of people. The more money you have, then the more people you have served. We all have financial goals right? But how cool would it be to have just 1 financial goal, which would be not how much money you can make, but how much money you can give. Wealth is not evil, rich people aren’t evil. Broke people sure don’t donate new wings in hospitals, broke people don’t donate 10,000 dollars to dig up wells in Haiti, broke people don’t give 3,000 dollars to build a house in Guatemala. It’s not to say that broke people aren’t good people, they just don’t have the money. They have not been intentional with their money, and have fallen prey to instant gratification and consumerism. Broke people tend to be in debt because they want to live on more then they make. I always have this saying that if you make 100,000 thousands dollars, but spend 101,000 you are broke. However, there is hope, I’m not here strictly to judge; broke is just temporary, we can all take action to change that. We need to go out into the market place and serve more people without forgetting to do the 3 things with money everybody must do:


  1. GIVE
  2. SAVE
  3. ENJOY



The more money you have, then the more people you have served


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