Work now, play later…

Work now, play later, that is the way it works, however most people decided to play now and work later. People forget that we need to give up to go up, we need to sacrifice and focus on the things that actually make an impact on our lives. The sooner we learn this principle, the sooner we will be able to dedicate time to the what matters most. You see we need to make some type of alignment in our lives and be strategic. How many people do you know that are always busy, always doing something, however they are not aligned. All those things that are keeping them busy are not really having an impact in their life. They are not positioning themselves where they need to be, and are not doing the things they need to win in life. One important habit to learn is to start with the end in mind, be a big-picture thinker. Seeing the big picture, and really thinking where you want to go in life not only helps you get things in perspective, but also ensures you start doing the small things that align with the big thing. For example, when you work on a big goal, you need to create sub-set goals that all lead to the primary goal. Don’t be salve to the immediate, be a big picture thinker. Are you doing something today that is leading you to your goals?



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