What are you entitled to?


Plain and simple, we are not entitled to anything. One huge problem in our culture and our society is that we are breeding kids and now young adults that are growing up with an entitlement mentality. They believe someone owes them something. They believe that you don’t need to put something in the equation to get a return. They are like a farmer that expects a big harvest without planting a seed. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to see this infecting our culture. You see it does not work like that, you can’t say to your boss “ I will start getting to work on time, when you give me that raise,” that is ridiculous. We are still in America, which was built on capitalism, where you can work as hard as you want and as longest you want to reach your goals; never forget that. At the end of the day you have the choice to better your life; you decide when to wake up, you decide whether or not to read, you decide who to associate with, you decide how to dress, you decides how to spent your money, you decided your attitude. YOU, YOU, YOU. You are the one that makes all these decisions and you don’t deserve a single penny, unless you INTENTIONALLY work your butt off to earn it. Nobody falls into success; it is not an accident, the bottom line is that we all need to pay the price to win. The question is: are you willing to pay it?


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4 thoughts on “What are you entitled to?

  1. Nice idea behind this post. In fact, I am currently trying to “work my butt off” for a better future, but maybe not enough. it’s good to remember that we as Americans are not especially entitled to anything just because some things come more easily. Work is an inspiration. Thanks

    • Thanks for commenting. I appreciate it. And your right, things do come more easily to us, here in America, and we need to be thankful for that. Keep working that butt off, you WILL have a better future. Believe and succeed. Thanks again, and remember to stay tune for my next blog post.

  2. We all make choices. I wanted college but I couldn’t afford it and the debt to attend was a huge obsticale. My parents always toaght me everything you were given by your creator is a tool use it. I decided to make some choices and one was to start stripping at 18 and that paid for my college, my girlfriends college, bought my house, a few cars and some vacations. So not always is it “hard work” sometimes it’s choosing to use the assets you have in a productive way to get what you desire. For me four and a half years stripping and I had everything I had wanted and more. I now work in Information tech and no longer make 200k+/yr as i did stripping and working less than 25 hours a week where now i work double that for less than half. But I like the work and it provides all I need to live now. Owning the house cash helps a whole lot. So consider the tools you were given as well and consider what can I do to leverage those better. Work smarter not harder they say.

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