Today ask yourself, what is my number one financial goal?

The best answer I have heard to this question comes from John Maxwell, when he stated, “My goal is not how much money I can make; it is how much money I can give .”  One of the most satisfying things we can do with money is to give; think about it, have you ever given even a tiny amount of money? How many times did the action of giving truly come from your heart? Do you remember how good it felt? There is nothing that compares to that feeling. I heard a story about a very wealthy man that took his family out on a $35,000 dollar cruise; after he got back from the cruise, he went to a low income community and gave away $50,000 dollars worth of bicycles. That man said the cruise was a lot of fun, that he and his family visited the most beautiful beaches in the world, but despite this magnificent cruise, what was most gratifying to him, was seeing the smiles of the kids when he would hand them those bikes. You might think or say to yourself, well, I wish I had $50,000 dollars to give away, but unfortunately I have my own financial issues; trust me when I say we all have our own financial issues, but you don’t have to wait to be rich to give, you can start to give now! I used to think: when I’m rich I will donate, when I’m rich I will give. But why wait?  However, you do have to remember to give from a full cup; meaning that, obviously, if you are in a tight budget situation then you can’t really donate money, but you most definitely give in other ways, for example, give time, friendship, kind words, knowledge, or anything you consider that you are wealthy in. I, myself, do not have these huge amounts of money to give away either…..but I will one day, so in the meantime I stick to smaller amounts. The crazy thing is that God will give us what he knows will pass through us. We have to be a river; if we are getting blessed with money then, like a river, the money has to flow through us. Lastly, I’m beginning to understand the power of the law of giving. What is the law of giving? The more money we give, the more money we get. It might sound counter intuitive at first but, trust me, it works. I mean, if you want love, give love, if you want friendship, give friendship, if you want respect, give respect. So it is a no brainer that if you want money,  well….give money.


For it is in giving that we receive 

-St Francis of Assisi


Thanks for reading!

Keep growing, keep looking forward!




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