Conformity is a disease that is crippling our culture. If we become conformist, we don’t grow, we don’t plunge forward. How can we conform and settle with what we already have when we are living in America, the land of endless of opportunities; the land with the greatest success this world has ever known. I believe that sometimes we do not possess enough courage to pursue our dreams, simply because we have become conformist, which in my opinion is truly sad. Have you ever noticed people that have conformed to their current situation or a particular lifestyle, and because of this, have put their dreams on hold? In your case it could be a family member, a friend, maybe even yourself; you know they have so much potential! but they are not doing anything with it. I think one of the problems in our culture today is that we don’t think big, we expect too little of ourselves. I have heard a saying that we need to aim high towards the moon, because even if we don’t land there, we will still land amongst the stars.  We should never conform, let’s quit that aspect of our culture because there is always something better, there is always a new project, there is always a new goal, a new book to read, a new person to meet, a new idea to execute. There are no limits, so keep striving, keep growing, and lets encourage others to do the same.


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One thought on “CONFORMITY

  1. I agree with this….

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