Job Dissatisfaction



80 percent of Americans are not happy with their job; that means that 8 out of 10 people in the American workforce would rather be doing a different job. That is an extremely high statistic of job dissatisfaction. Why is that though? Why do we have lawyers and doctors that hate their jobs, even though they are well paid careers? I think one of the reasons has to do with our culture, which emphasizes that we know what we want to be, since a very young age. Specifically in college, we are forced to pick a major when  most of us do not even have a clue where we want to go in our lives. Why do you think people change their majors so often? During college almost every person changes their major at least once. How many times have you asked yourself even now, what is it that I really want to do? I do not understand how at the age of 18 we are supposed to have figured out what we want to do for the next 45 years! You can’t even have a drink yet, but you have to know what job you want to do for the next four decades! That is ridiculous! At that age, our brain is still developing, we, as persons are still maturing, and the majority of us do not really know the right direction for our life yet. So what happens? You pick a major, get your degree and then you realize this sucks! You find out you really like to do something else, however you are stuck with a degree in a different field.  Sometimes, even worst, you are stuck with a degree that you have no idea what you can do with. I mean there are those people that since age 5 they knew exactly what they wanted to be when they grew up, and that’s great; But for the most of us, usually at that age most girls wanted to be princesses and little boys wanted to be ninjas; personally I wanted to be an airplane pilot when I was 5.


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6 thoughts on “Job Dissatisfaction

  1. Forced to pick a major? By who your parents. This is the argument of everyone I went to school with. I knew exactly what I wanted to do in school because I was paying for it myself. I went there for a reason not just I graduated high school and my parents don’t want me anymore. People change their majors because they are in school for the wrong reasons. Its not expensive day care its a place to learn and if you dont want to learn or grow up because ur brain is “developing” Get the fuck out of my classrooms there are already 100 people in here. Two hundred years ago a 15 year old could be an officer on a fighting ship. Are we developing slower? People just need to shut the fuck up and either shit or get off the pot,but becoming a lawyer because ur daddy is one is the wrong road to take for the wrong reasons. But who cares anyway anyone who has been to college knows its a joke and waste of money. 80,000 bucks to be surrounded by a bunch of brats? I will take my school of hard knocks. Aside from those spelling classes I should have taken.

    • You were obviously one of the few people, the blog mentioned, who knew what you wanted to do going into college. As for financing college yourself, I know a lot of people that were in your same position and had to pay for college themselves (myself included) but still changed majors. Being able to finance college yourself is not necessarily a direct predictor of knowing what you want to do in college. Lots of us go to college to learn, to receive a higher form of education, and not because “our parents don’t want us.” On the contrary, being of mexican decent, our families have some of the strongest family ties with our children, some of which don’t leave home until they marry! Further, being an officer at 15 in a fighting ship isn’t something you have to be a genius to do, so it’s not that we’re developing slower, on the contrary, because of all this technology youn children are being exposed to since a younger age, anyone can challenge that they are actually becoming smarter because they have access to many more sources or tools for learning. Personally, I don’t think college is a waste of money, it just depends what you make of it and if you take advantage of the education that is beng given to you….and if you told that 15-year-old he could do anything/be anything he wanted in the world, but he had to do it for the rest of his life, he’d change his mind at 16 or within a couple months! Lol

  2. i’m still hopping to be a ninja princess. … day……

    agree with you 1000%. I can be a good example. I constantly tell myself that i should have gone into a different area in my field or law school. Considering the fact that not sufficient time has passed since graduation, and wishing that i should have changed my mind about my major, is now out of the question.
    too mucho money too late.

    That’s the reason why a huge percentage of graduates to not work in their degree field. not because they can’t but because they prefer not to.

    • Thanks for the comment ABC! I would feel the same way in school, and sometimes I would ask myself why can I just get a different major, but then it would be like starting all over again, and schools do not really make transitions into a different major so easy :(.. I came to a conclusion that sometimes is not really important whats behind us or in front us, but what’s inside us. Find your passion.

  3. I was a major-switcher in university, and considering the person I am today, I am okay with that. I started out wanting to be an architect (from middle school up until 3rd year architecture at one of the best schools in the country), then ended up wanting to change the world in different ways. When life changes you, and you gain another perspective of the world, sometimes it has an effect on your academic direction.

    Today’s career paths are much more numerous and complex than they were in previous generations, yet we are still encouraged to choose a route early, when our worldview is only beginning to develop. I’m not sure how higher education could improve in this regard, though.

    • You bring up a great point. The Solution? When I wrote I wanted to propose a solution, however, I was not able to come up with a concrete one. This is what I do know tho, is that we should all do something we love. We should all do something in which we confuse work and play. Thanks for your comment.

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