The only person you will ever have to beat

Today, I am going to retell you a story about a boy that I read. So this boy enters a race, but he had a crippling disease, so the boy had a particularly difficult time completing the race. Every so often the would fall. Every time he fell, he would hurt himself and get bruised. He, however, would get back up and keep going; fall after fall he would keep getting up and continue toward the finish line. The rest of the runners finished way ahead of him, but he kept on going. After all the runners had finished the race, all of them, inspired by the boy’s will, came back and helped him until he finished the race.

Now, what does this story teach us? What’s the moral behind the story? You might guess its something like perseverance or to never give up, right? Well, the underlying and important lesson to learn here is that the boy was not competing against the other runners; the boy was competing against himself. The boy was only trying to beat his previous race time.  You see, when you are not competing against anyone else, everyone wants to help you. When we are not competing against somebody else, that other person is more willing to give you a helping hand, such is the example with the runners, who came back to help the boy finish the race and beat HIS previous time.  The runners came back to help him, only after they had finished the race. This is how we humans work; when we don’t feel threaten or in a competition, we will gladly help the other person. Our culture, sadly, is filled with jealousy and envy. We are always jealous of other people, want to do better than them, and hope things don’t go as well for them. Rather than helping each other, we hold each other back. I believe we can change all that. Like I said, let’s help each other; let’s stop competing against our brother, sister, cousin, friend, neighbor or whoever. Instead of focusing on beating someone else, lets compete and beat ourselves. Lets keep pushing forward and beating our previous accomplishments. Let’s get up every morning and say this day is going to be better than yesterday. Implement this in every aspect of your life, school, family, or work. For example, if you work in sales, don’t say to yourself “I am going to beat so and so,” instead say, “I’m going to beat myself today.”  Beating ourselves should be the driving force.  You see, the thing is, that when we compete against ourselves, we grow. We become better. There is no need to compete against each other if we work to compete against ourselves everyday.  Only then will we win and gradually reach all the goals we want to accomplish.


Thank you for reading and your time!


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