Be Honest, Be Humble

I am currently reading Start with Why, by Simon Sinek.  There is a small excerpt in the book that discusses culture and it made me reflect on certain issues, and I decided to share some of the fragment with you. Sinek argues that as a human species, we were able to survive because we were able to form cultures (i.e. a group of people who have the same core values and beliefs). Sinek explains that when we are around people that believe in what we believe, we create trust and this was fundamental for the advancement of our species. Simon further explained that our ancestors in order to perform functional activities like hunting, gathering, and exploring, needed to have trust in the rest of the community. I believe that we can apply the same concept in the present and trust can help us come together. If you believe we, as a culture, can grow for the better, let’s start making some changes. My father always says that anybody can progress with only two things, honesty and humbleness. Unfortunately, a lot of us are arrogant and liars; let’s change that today! We are a culture in which every individual thinks they know everything! We think we are experts at everything, and that we know everything there is to know! Well, unfortunately, we don’t, we are one of the most uneducated cultures! But why don’t we see that? –Because we are arrogant! We are not humble enough to realize there is something that we can learn from every single person. Every person is better than us in at least one way. There are people out there in the world that know something that we don’t, and that is okay. Let’s promote a new way of thinking and become honest and humble; let’s start to learn from each other.  Let’s start to look for the information and stop simply assuming that we know everything. I’m sure we have all heard people speak about a subject and act like as if they got a Ph. D in it, when in fact, the Ph. D they do have is on STUPID. Our culture is always full of opinions and expertise even though we haven’t even done a simple Google search. Let’s make sure we really know what we are talking about before we make comments. Let’s keep on learning… and how do we do that? By READING!! Turn off the TV and stop watching most of the dumb stuff that is on and instead open a book, search something educational online or at least continue to join me in this blog! We are not going to get any smarter or change our life and culture by watching American Idol or Novelas. (i.e. Latino Soap Operas) Just remember that if together we are going to grow as a culture, we have to pass everything on! As I am encouraging you to read, learn, and look for information, you should do the same; let’s encourage someone today so we can start seeing a change in our culture and on the way we think. I want to leave you with a quote that says, “ Rich people have big libraries, Poor people have big T.V.s”

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Recommended Book- Start with Why- By Simon Sinek


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