Immigration Reform 2.0

There is a lot of excitement and hope over the talks of an immigration reform. Senator Rubio, who will apparently be the GOPs’ (i.e. the Republican Party) candidate for precedency in 2016, is surprisingly one of the people who wrote a bill for the new immigration reform. I’m sure we have all seen on Univision, or through any of the other media crap, that a reform is coming, so we are all anxiously waiting for something big to happen. However, from what I know, this reform will be nothing like the last reform from the 1980s, where the United States government basically said, “CLOSE THE BORDER AND SCREW IT, WHO EVER IS HERE ALREADY, IS GETTING PAPERS!” That necessarily was not a very bright idea and in fact, it probably only attracted more immigration into the United States. Furthermore, a lot of the people who were already here were not necessarily ideal candidates for amnesty. I realize that there are many people who benefited from the past reform; people who are in fact contributing to this country, but there are those others who contribute nothing and expect everything. We should be encouraged to stay up to date and watch how all this immigration talk in Washington unfolds. However don’t forget we need to do the research for ourselves and be very skeptical about what the media tell us.


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